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MPT PAY Ltd connect EU and Non EU business

  • Banking account for business (EU/Non-EU)

  • Fast pre-compliance 

  • Multi currency IBAN, SWIFT accounts & electronic wallets

  • DEPP (Coming Soon)Dynamic Escrow Payment Protocol


5 steps to get the result - opening an EU bank account

    Pre-compliance. Verification lasts for all types of companies
    Get prices. Depending on your region of business registration, type of activity
    Online upload of documents. After successfully passing the pre-check, you will receive a link for online downloading of company documents and verification UBO (s)

Opening a multi currency IBAN account, if necessary: ​​multi currency SWIFT (26 currency).


The bank is not where you go, it is what you do every day! MPT Pay- solutions for your business


EU IBAN account for B2B


Fast pre-compliance


Skyrocket your sales & customer loyalty with EU IBAN.

MPT Pay is a great digital banking solution for any kind of business. All client work with documents takes place online and does not require a physical presence.


● A single financial ecosystem of banking services for companies, regardless of the country of registration of the business and location of owners.
● Opening bank accounts for residents and non-residents of the Euro Union. A direct connection to SEPA, SWIFT, a built financial ecosystem for companies.

DEPP (launching soon) allows export / import companies, e-commerce, freelancers, marketplaces, web services etc. to protect the buyer and the seller in each transaction, reduces fraud activities to the ground level, increases the seller’s credibility. Our unique DEPP technology increases customer’s loyalty up to 73% and the amount of successful deals by 56%.


DEPP (coming soon) is a new standard of transparent, reliable and efficient financial solutions and services that can be integrated within any business across all payment channels.

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    MPT PAY sets new standards by using DEPP for online, mobile and other POS payments. 

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    MPT PAY provides customers with advanced payment technology that helps to enter new markets with just one click. Your clients will love the way you care about their money. 

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    Instant refund to the buyer in case of purchase cancellation or non-receiving of the goods/services. Now, it is safer and easier than ever!

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    Our unique technology will reduce fraud activities to a minimum and provide the seller with maximum protection.

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    The use of DEPP makes it impossible for the seller to fraud or cheat on the buyer. If fraudulent actions occur, the seller will not be able to receive the payment. 

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    As a new payment standard the DEPP facilitates all kinds of payments and makes the process efficient, fast, reliable and comfortable for both sides of the business.  


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